7 Benefits of Breastfeeding Every Mom-To-Be Should Know About

7 Benefits of Breastfeeding Every Mom-To-Be Should Know About

7 Benefits of Breastfeeding Every Mom-To-Be Should Know About


Breastfeeding is the best way to provide optimum nutrients to your little one. Not only does it benefit your baby but it is also proven to be beneficial to mothers. Unfortunately, there are many women who choose not to breastfeed their baby for various reasons. Some avoid breastfeeding because it causes discomfort, some others do it to avoid passing on the effects of a bad diet or infections and some others because they’re misinformed. It’s important to know what’s right for your baby. Many believe that the first milk immediately after delivery called ‘Colostrum’ should be discarded, but it’s only a myth. In reality, the first milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies and is essential to build up your baby’s immune system.

Breast milk should be fed to babies for at least 6 months after birth. Here are some benefits of breastfeeding that prove how important it is for you and your baby.

1.        Developmental Benefits

Breast milk has proven to have developmental benefits in new born babies. Since it has all the nutrients your baby needs in the right proportions, it helps maintain a healthy weight in your baby, avoiding obesity or weakness. Breast milk is also proven to help make your baby smart since it has a major part in developing your baby’s brain.

2.       Protection from infections and allergies

Your body makes huge amounts of antibodies right after delivery which helps you fight diseases, infections and allergies. These antibodies get transferred to your baby through breast milk and forms a layer around the baby’s nose, throat and the digestive system, protecting it from the flu and other diseases. It is also observed that babies who are breastfeed for 3-4 months have lower risks of contracting allergies and infections.

3.       Helps you lose weight

It is said that breast milk production helps burn 400-500 calories a day, making it easier for new mothers to lose all that baby weight after delivery quicker.

4.      Meets all nutritional needs

Your baby requires various nutrients to grow and breast milk has them all in the right proportions. In fact, the proportions even change according to the baby’s changing needs throughout lactation. During the first few days after delivery, colostrum is developed which has all essential nutrients to help your baby’s digestive system develop.

5.       Reduces the risk of breast cancer

Breastfeeding has proven to reduce the risk of pre and post-menopausal breast cancer in women. The hormonal changes during breastfeeding delays menstruation which reduces exposure to hormones like estrogen which promote breast cancer growth.

6.      Delays periods

Continual breastfeeding temporarily pauses ovulation and menstruation which might act as a natural birth control. This pause will ensure enough gap between pregnancies and also relieve you from menstrual pain while you take care of your new born baby.

7.       Brings you close to your baby

While there’s no doubt that every woman shares a special connection with her baby, breastfeeding brings you physically closer to your little one. The skin-to-skin contact can be very reassuring. It also gives you the perfect excuse to kick back and relax while your baby gets all the nutrition it needs. 


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