Bed rest during pregnancy

How To Deal With Bed Rest During Pregnancy

How To Deal With Bed Rest During Pregnancy
Bed rest during pregnancy

How To Deal With Bed Rest During Pregnancy


At some point or another during pregnancy, your doctor might prescribe bed rest to lower the risk of complications. Women who suffer through high blood pressure, threatened miscarriage, preterm labour and other problems are advised to take it easy. But as easy as it sounds, bed rest can cause also complications—blood clots, constipation, depression, slower recovery after birth are to name a few. Apart from that, it’s also very boring to sit in bed and do absolutely nothing, especially if you’re used to running around all day and getting things done.

However, if your doctor has prescribed bed rest, there must be a good enough reason for it. Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you might have. The term bed rest is also a little confusing, so make sure you understand how much of activity is allowed. If your doctor still asks you to proceed with bed rest, here are some tips to help you keep going.

1.        Make a schedule

Not having anything to do all day might make the day seem longer than usual. Try to make a schedule to break up the day. There must be movies you’ve always wanted to watch, books you’ve always wanted to read and a photo album you wanted to rearrange. Now is a great time to do it all!

2.      Focus on your diet

While you are sitting in bed all day, you might want to keep a check on your diet so that you don’t lose or gain too much weight. Make sure you’re eating fibre-rich foods and drinking plenty of fluids to avoid constipation from restricted movement. Speak to your doctor and get a diet plan to tackle bed rest without contracting any complications.

3.      Take up mild exercise

Even though you’re asked to stick to the bed, it’s important for your muscles and body to stay active. Ask your doctor for easy exercises that you can do. This will reduce the risk of blood clots and help you stay fit.


4.      Pick up a hobby

Women all across the world have done something innovative while they were restricted to bed rest. Some finished their education online and some others have even penned down novels! Now is the time to find an interest that will help you explore the passions you never had the time to pursue.

5.      Reach out

While you’re advised to take it easy, the house still needs to function. Make sure you stay in touch with family and friends and get as much help as possible from them. They can help you with small chores like picking up groceries, picking up the kids from school and more. Pregnancy is an emotional time for women so make sure you’re in touch with your friends. Have visitors over so that you keep busy and also have someone to talk to.


Remember, your hands are going to be full after your little one arrives. So make sure you make the most of this free time before you become a busy bee all over again! 


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