Pregnancy weight chart

Your Guide To Pregnancy Weight Gain

Your Guide To Pregnancy Weight Gain
Pregnancy weight chart

Your Guide To Pregnancy Weight Gain


Weight gain is a sensitive topic for women, but it’s absolutely normal to gain extra weight during pregnancy. But as important it is to gain weight during pregnancy, it’s equally important to keep a track of how much weight you’re gaining. Every woman is different and so are their bodies. It’s important to consider factors like BMI and pre-pregnancy weight to know exactly how much you need to gain. After all, being either overweight or underweight can have adverse effects on your baby.

Here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you’re gaining the right amount of weight.

1.  Determine your weight before pregnancy

 Your pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) pays a crucial role in determining how much weight you need to gain during pregnancy. If your BMI before pregnancy was low, you will have to gain more weight compared to women whose BMI was high.

2. Weight gain for underweight women

 If you were underweight before you got pregnant, you need to gain 12.5-18 kg of extra weight during pregnancy.

3. Weight gain for overweight women

If you were overweight before getting pregnant, you need to gain 7-11.5 kg extra weight during pregnancy. If you were obese, you need to gain only 5-9 kg extra weight. Remember, too much weight gain during pregnancy can be harmful and can also cause complications.

4. Weight gain for women with normal BMI

If your BMI was normal before pregnancy, you need to gain 11.5-16 kg extra weight.

5. Weight gain during first trimester

In your first trimester, you need to gain 0.4-0.6 kg every month. You also need to consume 150-200 extra healthy calories per day, which is the equivalent of one bowl of fresh fruits.

6. Weight gain during second trimester

In the second trimester, you need to gain up to 0.4 kg every week. You also need to consume 300 extra healthy calories a day, which equals to 3 bowls of sprouts salad.

7. Weight gain during third trimester

In the final trimester, you should gain 0.5-0.6 kg every week. You also need to consume 300-450 extra calories a day which is more or less the equivalent of one serving of palak paneer.

8. Where does the extra weight go?

Your baby is not the only thing that weighs you down. The extra weight also goes into the development of tissues which helps in your baby’s growth and breastfeeding. Apart from the tissues, the amniotic fluids and placenta also weigh quite a bit. Your weight alone is not enough to be sure that the baby’s weight is also right since it’s impossible to know the baby’s weight alone unless it’s born. 

In case you’re facing any problems gaining or losing weight, talk to your doctor and get a diet plan in place to help you stay fit. 


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