Working mothers and pregnancy

Things To Remember If You’re A Working Mom To Be

Things To Remember If You’re A Working Mom To Be
Working mothers and pregnancy

Things To Remember If You’re A Working Mom To Be


If you are a focused and passionate career woman, you’d probably want to keep working throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy itself is like a tough job with its ups and downs, so is your real job. Handling the two at the same time might feel like a challenge, but it’s possible with a little bit of planning.

Here are some things to do if you’re considering going to work through pregnancy.

1.        Talk to your family

Your husband, mother-in-law and other family members might ask you stay home and rest instead of going to work, but this is only coming from a place of concern. Make sure you speak to your family about your intentions of working and reassure them about your well-being. Once you’re on the same page, they can try to help you out with packing your lunch and other chores to make the challenge easier for you.

2.       Give your boss and colleagues the good news

As tempting keeping your pregnancy a secret may seem, it’s best if you tell your boss sooner than later. If they know, they will try to be more understanding about your situation and help you out, especially when you’re not feeling so good.

3.       Manage your symptoms

While some women have an easy pregnancy, some others don’t. Morning sickness is one of the biggest problems you might face in your first trimester. Morning is a busy time for women since you have to pack lunch, send your kids to school and travel to work. But try to find remedies to keep your problems in check. For some women, having snacks at regular intervals helps them get through morning sickness.

4.      Schedule appointments in advance

You know your schedule best. So try to schedule your appointments as early as possible since most working women would want appointments during lunch time or after working hours. Make your appointments well in advance so that you don’t face problems.

5.       Be clear about maternity leave

Speak to your boss and let them know when you’re planning to take your maternity leave and how long you’ll be gone. This will help your colleague's plan work accordingly in your absence. You can also take part of your maternity leave before delivery if things get a little tough during the last trimester.

6.      Stay active

Sitting in your chair from 9-5 is a big no-no, especially if you’re pregnant. You need to stay active. Go for a walk around the office every few hours to keep your muscles moving.

7.       Prepare a handover before you leave

Make sure you give your colleagues a proper list of work that needs to be done in your absence. Give them a lowdown so that there is a seamless transition of work not only when you leave but also when you’re back to work after your maternity leave.


While your career is definitely important for you, do not let your work get in the way of your health. If you’re stressed at work and not feeling too well at any point, do not hesitate to ask your colleagues for help. Most importantly, take care of yourself and make decisions that will benefit you and your little one in the long run. 


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