Constipation in pregnancy

5 Constipation Remedies For A Smooth Sailing Pregnancy

5 Constipation Remedies For A Smooth Sailing Pregnancy
Constipation in pregnancy

5 Constipation Remedies For A Smooth Sailing Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life but it also comes with its fair share of hardships. A flutter in your tummy when pregnant sure feels like a miracle but it might not always be your baby’s kick. Abdominal pain, passage of hard stools and infrequent bowel movements are some problems a woman faces at one point or another during pregnancy. Usually, iron supplements and hormonal changes are the real culprits causing constipation. Anxiety, lack of exercise and a low fibre diet add to it making the whole ordeal worse. But as painful and infuriating as it may seem, there is a cure for everything!

Here are some quick remedies to try for instant relief from constipation during pregnancy:

1.        Exercise Regularly

There will be days when the fatigue will get the best of you and you won’t feel like getting out of bed, but that is also the reason why you might be constipated. You can go for a walk or do light exercise for 20-30 minutes three times a week. Not only will this help you stay active but will also help stimulate your bowels.  

2.        Adopt a Fibre-rich Diet

A diet rich in fibre will help prevent constipation while also providing enough nutrients and antioxidants to your body. Pregnant women need 25-30 grams of dietary fibre every day to stay healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetable salad, sprouts, lentils, cereal and whole wheat bread will help you fulfil your daily fibre quota.

Apart from that, also try to break down your meals into 5-6 smaller meals instead of 2 big meals. Larger meals put pressure on your stomach making it harder to digest, whereas smaller meals help digest food efficiently, transferring it to the intestine and colon smoothly.

3.      Stay Hydrated

While you bump up your fibre intake, it’s also important to drink enough water to digest it all. A combination of high fibre diet and enough fluids will help you smoothly eliminate all the waste. Ideally, you should drink 2-2.5 litres of water per day during gestation.

4.      Reconsider Your Iron Supplement

Even though your iron supplements are important for nutrients, they might also be the reason for constipation. Consider taking small doses of supplements throughout the day instead of taking them all at once. If the problem persists, visit your antenatal care provider for a solution.


5.      Consider Stool Softeners 

If all else fails, you might have to turn to over the counter medications to do their trick. Stool softeners will help soften the bowel movements and give you relief. However, before you do consider that option, make sure you speak to your doctor and get their advice on the same.


We usually take laxatives or mineral oil for smoother bowel movements but they are not recommended for pregnant women. Laxatives are a sure shot remedy for constipation but they might cause uterine contraction and dehydration whereas mineral oil can reduce nutrient absorption in pregnant women. That being said, the above remedies should work just fine to provide relief from constipation and make pregnancy the fruitful experience it’s supposed to be.


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