Heartburn in pregnancy

9 Ways To Deal With Heartburn During Pregnancy

9 Ways To Deal With Heartburn During Pregnancy
Heartburn in pregnancy

9 Ways To Deal With Heartburn During Pregnancy


Heartburn is an extremely irritating condition in itself, now imagine going through it during pregnancy! Heartburn bothers most pregnant women during their third trimester. The growing uterus puts pressure on your intestines, causing it to push back contents into your esophagus. The best way to deal with heartburn is to avoid it by taking preventive measures. But if it strikes anyway, here are some tips to help you get rid of it.

1.        Eat smaller meals

Eating larger meals puts pressure on your stomach, making you feel full and causing heartburn. This can be avoided by breaking down your food intake into 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day.

2.       Eat slowly

Make sure you’re not eating in a hurry and finishing your food too fast. This can cause heartburn and indigestion. There’s no hurry! Enjoy your meal slowly so that you can relish every bite and also avoid heartburn.

3.       Keep drinking lots of fluids

Instead of drinking lots of water just after a meal, it’d be best if you kept sipping on water and other fluids throughout the day. Also, it’s best to sip on water while eating instead of after a meal to avoid heartburn.

4.      Do not go to bed right after a meal

You might feel drowsy after a meal but try not to lie down right after. Make sure you either sit straight or stand for at least an hour after the meal before you go to bed. This will avoid the possibility of heartburn and indigestion.  

5.       Have ginger

Ginger helps most pregnant women with morning sickness, heartburn and other digestion-related problems. Adding a little bit of ginger in your tea will do wonders.

6.      Wear loose clothes

Wearing tight clothes can add more pressure on your stomach and might end up causing acid reflux. Wearing loose clothes will help in ventilation and keep you comfortable.

7.       Identify the problem

It might take a while but you will be able to identify which food items trigger the problem. For some women, chocolates, oranges, junk food are big triggers. Identify the problem and avoid these foods at any cost.

8.      Take antacids

Antacids are usually safe and can help keep heartburn in check. However, consult your doctor before you decide to take them. Not all antacids are safe for pregnant women so your doctor might prescribe you ones that will help.  

9.       Keep your upper body elevated

It’s important to keep your acid in your stomach while you’re asleep. Keeping your head and neck elevated can help. You can use pillows to keep your upper body elevated so that the acid stays in your stomach where it belongs.


Heartburn during pregnancy might seem unavoidable but you don’t necessarily have to suffer from it. These remedies will help you deal with the problem and also keep you and your baby healthy. 


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