Warning signs in early pregnancy

Watch Out For These Signs In Early Pregnancy

Watch Out For These Signs In Early Pregnancy

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Watch Out For These Signs In Early Pregnancy


As soon as the news of a woman’s pregnancy is confirmed she’s bombarded with ‘congratulations’ and ‘take care’. Even though pregnancy is a time full of beautiful experiences, things can easily go wrong if you’re not careful. Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, constipation and spotting are normal, but bigger problems like excessive bleeding, vomiting and more might need immediate medical attention. These features may not necessarily mean that the pregnancy is abnormal but it’s still important to get in touch with your doctor to rule out any danger.


1.        Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy can be caused by various factors. If you’re experiencing abdominal cramps and heavy bleeding which is bright red in colour, you could be having a miscarriage. Vaginal bleeding is also caused because of ectopic pregnancy which results in loss of foetus and needs to be taken care of immediately. It might also be a sign of molar pregnancy, which is the growth of tumour or an abnormal mass in your uterus. These problems need to be addressed by your doctor immediately.

2.       Excessive Nausea & Vomiting

Many women experience morning sickness in their first trimester. A little amount of nausea and vomiting is normal but if it gets extreme and you can’t keep food or water down for 12 hours, call your doctor. Extreme vomiting may lead to dehydration and extreme weight loss which can be harmful for the foetus. Your doctor might hospitalize you to get the balance of electrolytes in your body back to normal.

3.       High Fever

A fever above 101 degree Fahrenheit along with rash and joint pain might be a sign of an infection. This infection, although not fatal, might harm your baby. It’s vital to check with your doctor for a solution and also make sure you’ve taken all your vaccinations.

4.      Discharge & Itching

Some discharge is normal, but if it’s accompanied by itching it’s best to get it checked by your doctor. In some cases, discharge and itching may mean that you’re developing an infection or have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. This may be harmful for your pregnancy so it’s best to find the right treatment as soon as you notice the problem.

5.       Pain or burning sensation while urinating

If you’re experiencing pain or burning sensation while urinating, you might have contracted a urinary tract infection. It’s important to get treated for it soon otherwise it could lead to preterm labour, preterm birth, infection or other serious illnesses.

6.      Leg pain, swelling and severe headache

This is a rare occurrence but sometimes, pregnant women develop blood clots. This is a dangerous condition since the clot could travel to the lung and prove fatal. A headache could also mean there’s a blood clot in the brain, however, there are other reasons for headaches during pregnancy too. It’s best to get it checked from your doctor to make sure you’re okay.

7.       Worsening of chronic diseases

If you already have any chronic diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension or more, make sure you keep a check on your symptoms. In case the symptoms of your diseases are flaring up during pregnancy, it may be a cause for concern. For example, if your blood sugar level is not in check, it may lead to a miscarriage.


If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure you don’t take them lightly and visit your doctor immediately. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  


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